Increase fleet productivity and revenues – Bynx v12.12

Bynx v12.12: changes to user interface help drive fleet productivity and new revenue opportunities for fleet, leasing and mobility providers

Better fleet productivity with Bynx v12.12

We recently announced the launch of version 12.12 of our fleet, leasing and mobility management platform Bynx. The latest release will be available from the end of July 2020.

Bynx v12.12 builds on the drive away from data-centric paradigms to process oriented systems. Such systems deliver greater efficiency, and fleet productivity, flexibility and customer experience.

This latest release contains the first phase of a new maintenance management module. With enhanced customer interface, task management and status based processes, this module delivers greater efficiency. It also includes several improvements to existing features and developments. Specifically, these are in the area of Bynx management information and reporting. They also improve customer facing and financial reporting outputs. Read a news article about v12.12 here. You can find more and download the full release here…..

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